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Advisory & Consulting Services

LiquidNexxus offers vendor-neutral custom advisory services to organisations globally. Our portfolio includes all major subject areas addressed in our specialised training services and more.

ATM Processes and Controls Audit

Our experts assessed over five days and the processes involved in ATM management and security processes. The purpose of the audit is to establish a quick overview of the risks in the environment and establish the priorities and areas to work in the future.

During the course of a week the team of experts to interview and observe the nternal processes involved and other determinants of customer security issues.

At the end of the week an executive summary highlighting the areas of greatest risk for the customer to make decisions and prioritize the next phase occurs. This phase is not a Pentest but a discovery process that identifies inherent problems in processes that usually affect or may affect the security of your ATM estate.

ATM Pen Testing

This phase occurs during an onsite visit to the client premises. All ATM Series, models, variants and configurations are assessed.

The purpose of this phase is to identify & determine ATM system configuration faults and issues which may lead to logical compromise of your ATM or overall banking infrastructure.

Our experts pen testers perform tests to be guided by several international standards (PCI, NIST, etc.) as well as LiquidNexxus´ internally developed ATM testing methodologies.

Upon completion of a comprehensive test report is presented with all vulnerabilities as well as a remediation plan on how to secure the environment.

ATM Hardening

Our expert ATM Security team has experience in developing bespoke solutions for banks, governments and national intelligence services.

During hardening process, various logical security solutions are adapted to your environment and infrastructure in order to minimize impact and maximize security.
We can secure your ATMs and all connected environments.
The final solution includes numerous protections and is based on advanced ATM Security research, including (but not limited to):

  • OS Boot processes.
  • DLLs.
  • Explorer Addons
  • File hashes.
  • Unknown DLLs.
  • Startup Logon.
  • Microsoft hidden entries
  • Winsock protocol and network providers.
  • Codecs.
  • DLLs monitoring.
  • LSA security
  • Autostart services and non-disabled mode drivers.
  • Monitoring certificates (keys)
  • Monitoring post start
  • Forensic process, DLL and Remote drivers
  • Identification of events in MS eventviewer
  • Firewall rule enforcement
  • Improved whitelisting for apps, files and peripheral processes
  • Restore points
  • Disk encryption

and much more!

POS Hardening & Monitoring

POS have been recently been subject to advanced attacks, POS manipulation and insertion of Malware attacks are well documented, while international standards (such as PCI DSS v3.1) have had to adapt to this emerging risk.

LiquidNexxus extensive research into payment system security means we are able to offer bespoke solutions to secure your Point-of-Sale endpoints. By understanding and researching current and future POS vulnerabilities and attacks we are able to future proff solutions to meet your ongoing needs.

Our solutions can help with key areas such as:

  • Monitor POS as if it were a normal desktop
  • Extract POS Logs,
  • Regularly Monitor and check that POS is connected
  • Report everything to a central server
  • Prevent POS backdoors
  • Monitor POS integrity
  • Whitelisting (exe, dlls, etc...)
  • and much more

Other Solutions

The team’s extensive experience allows us to offer other solutions (fully integrated) to secure and control your banking infrastructure.
We are pleased to say that solutions can be offered regardless of the problems or limitations that may be presented by current suppliers or manufacturers.

To find out what we can do for your organization contact us to discuss your needs in more detail.



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